Emergency Breathing Systems training (EBS) is an essential  course for in water survival which is normally delivered in conjunction with HUET.  It can however be delivered as a stand alone course or training.  Access to and the correct use of an EBS can add vital seconds to you survival time allowing you the opportunity to overcome additional difficulties such as blocked exits, disorientation and assisting others.

It can also potentially assist you successfully egress from a smoke filled cabin following a land based emergency landing.

EBS is the same as SCUBA diving where you breath compressed air underwater.  Even the slightest depth of 1.5 metres can cause complications if you are not trained.  Our expert SCUBA trainers with years of aviation survival experience are there to guide you successfully through this training.

HUET training program consists of the units (individually or clustered):

  1. AVIF2014 Undertake aircraft underwater escape and survival
  2. AVIF2015 Utilise emergency breathing system
  3. PMAWHS214 Undertake helicopter safety and escape

Partner Delivery:

AGI, as the registered training organisation (31690) has the HUET units on its scope for national delivery. AGI is proudly partnered with Devocean Dive to deliver our training. Devocean have over 15 years experience in HUET training and offers flexible delivery options including onsite pool training facilities at Southport or transportable training operations to cater for local delivery. Please contact Devocean directly at, their website or call (07) 55280655 mobile 0408460655

HUET program delivery method

Training will be delivered face to face where the student will attend classes with qualified trainers and assessors, including practice and assessment of skills using a hands-on approach. An Online learning management system also supports the students during their course of study.

Training may be in a clustered format with multiple units commencing or in single unit delivery which will be determined on individual program requirements. This training plan requirement will be discussed with the organisation to suit locality and other needs.

Courses are run regularly across Australia.  Group training can be tailored to your organisation needs. We also offer a one on one personalised service at our Gold Coast facility. Scheduled courses run on the first and third Monday of each month at our centre. 

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