Who wants this course?


Seriously, if you are an experienced diver who regularly heads off on their own , confident in your ability to get back to the starting point intact and alive, then this MAY be this course for you, with this cert and the right equipment you can just head off on your own and enjoy the OCEAN.

Let’s not forget the photographers, who wants to be stuck with us? Get your act together, get this qualification and you can just do your own thing. OMG we can even get you enriched air certified so you can hang under water for longer ON THE SAME COURSE for not much extra, easy peasy.

This course will strengthen your own skills, enable you to dive solo if and when required and make you a better dive partner (so maybe bring your regular dive buddy along???)


Obviously you need to be a certified diver AND you need to have at least 100 dives logged .Awesome course, contact us to book.