There is always going to be a time when your mate asks you if you can go for a dive  to find his car keys or camera or whatever he has lost over the side of the boat or off the dock, you want to be able to confidently say “sure, I reckon I can help you out” don’t you?

I know I do, we can teach you those skills in our Search and Recovery speciality course.

Maybe you are diving in an exotic location and want to find the “treasure” that was mentioned in the dive brief (there is always treasure!) and you need the skills to locate it, this is your course!

Consists of 4 shore dives, each one task loading and improving your skills.

  • Swimming Search patterns using natural navigation techniques and your compass
  • Locating various objects using different search patterns
  • We will teach you a variety of recovery methods including how to rig a lift bag
  • Plan a search operation