H.U.E.T ( Helicopter underwater escape training) is for everyone who may find themselves in an upturned vessel or boat. Devocean Dive offers H.U.E.T training to organisations and individuals.

Devocean Dive in partnership with AGI, RTO #316960, offers expert training techniques based on over 40 years of aviation, marine and rescue experience.



HUET training program consists of the units (individually or clustered):

  1. AVIF2014 Undertake aircraft underwater escape and survival
  2. AVIF2015 Utilise emergency breathing system
  3. PMAWHS214 Undertake helicopter safety and escape

Partner Delivery:

AGI, as the registered training organisation (31690) has the HUET units on its scope for national delivery. AGI is proudly partnered with Devocean Dive to deliver our training. Devocean have over 15 years experience in HUET training and offer flexible delivery options including onsite pool training facilities at Southport or transportable training operations to cater for local delivery.

Courses are run regularly across Australia.  Group training can be tailored to your organisation needs. Scheduled courses run on the first and third Monday of each month at our centre.

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Our Team

Eddie Bennet

Eddie has been delivering HUET courses for over 30 years across a wide range of clients including emergency services, law enforcement,  public safety, defence, media, corporate organisations and private individuals.  He has 38 years in aviation, marine and land search and rescue and is highly skilled as a helicopter rescue aircrewman so understands what is required for you to gain essential knowledge and skills to survive a helicopter of aeroplane ditching situation.



Peter Low

Peter is an expert SCUBA diver and master trainer accredited to the highest level internationally with both PADI and SSI.  He has 40 years experience in the dive industry and extensive skills in training students from emergency services, rescue, law enforcement, fire,defence, corporate and volunteer organisations for aviation rescue and marine survival.



Some of our happy clients include: