Why Choose Devocean Dive for your PADI Open Water Dive Course?

We could give you loads of valid reasons: PADI 5 Star facility, huge range of courses offering flexible learning,  gear sales and servicing, air fills, the list is endless BUT the main reason is simple, we are passionate about what we do and we are the most professional and experienced center on the Gold Coast. Our 2 main Instructors have over 65 years of experience between them in diving and teaching on the Gold Coast, we also have an impeccable safety record.

Experience, safety, and a love of what we do translates into a great experience for you!


Choose us for your PADI Open Water Dive Course. This is what we do for a living, we breathe it, eat it, live it, every day, it is not a hobby we do part-time.

We take you and your family’s safety as seriously as you do.

If you needed a heart transplant would you choose a part-time surgeon who doesn’t operate very often? Of course not! For the same reason, you wouldn’t choose a SCUBA Instructor who only teaches sporadically. You only learn to dive once, you want to make sure you get skilled, safe instruction. That’s us at Devocean. That is what we offer.

Learn to Scuba Dive on the Gold Coast! Choose us for your PADI Open Water Dive Course!

The majority of our diving here is shore-based, we are fortunate to have on our doorstep what marine biologists are calling a “marine superhighway” and we get to share it with our students on a daily basis. Over 600 species have been recorded in the Gold Coast Seaway and they have not finished counting.

The Gold Coast Seaway offers so many wonderful diving opportunities and caters to all levels of certification. The western beach area is fantastic for photographers wanting to spend a couple of hours underwater shooting amazing critters or for the novice diver looking for a calmer water experience. The Southern wall offers up great night dives with heaps of bioluminescence or an exhilarating drift dive flying past turtles and rays and large schools of pelagics. You can also choose to potter around the pipes on the top of the tide searching for seahorses and angler fish.

Choose us for all your training needs, we not only offer the basic courses like PADI Open water diver, PADI Advanced Diver and PADI Rescue Diver, we also offer heaps of specialty courses so you can gain your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

PADI Instructor Course dates are adjusted quarterly to coincide with PADI I.E’s (Instructor Examinations).

Flexibile Learning. Courses on Demand!

We don’t expect you to run to our schedule, we try to fit around yours. We understand that it is usually not possible to take time off work or away from the family to participate in a PADI Open Water Dive Course and it is just as hard if you have limited time on a holiday. We offer flexible learning and are happy to offer a course one on one with our experienced Instructors.

Whatever your diving pleasure, whether you are fulfilling a lifelong dream and have finally decided to take the plunge, need to get certified quickly before that once in a life time Dive Adventure, or just need to go for a dive, we’ll do our best to fulfill your needs!

Sick of your job?

Do what we do, wake up in the morning, have breakfast, greet our students and take them diving!
We can take you from PADI Open Water Diver right the way through to PADI Open Water Instructor

Don’t hesitate to call for details on how you can follow your dream and become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.


At Devocean Dive we are as passionate about diving today as we were 30 years ago, we think that the more you dive the better it gets, how could it not? You never step into the same ocean twice.

When you choose to dive with us, you are choosing instructors that are passionate about diving and the environment, they have many years experience and loads of local knowledge. We are patient and understand that everyone has different needs. Call us!