Scuba Diving the Amazing Yonaguni Ruins With Schooling Hammerhead Sharks

The first time I dived the waters around Yonaguni, I knew it would not be the last. It was a bit of a trek but it really exceeded all expectations and it gets into your soul.

My first trip to Yonaguni, we were the first Western group to venture there and it was advised that we had to go via Okinawa, stay there for a few days and dive, grab an interpreter and then fly down to Yonaguni , via Ishigaki, the main transportation hub of the Yaeama  Islands.

It was a little expensive, we had to pay for an interpreter to fly down and stay with us as no body spoke English on the Island.

I thought the diving was spectacular, the water was so clear, apparently the 3rd clearest water in the world, water temp,even in Winter was 26 deg. So much to see, Underwater ruins, schooling Hammerheads, pristine corals, fabulous underwater formations.

I could not wait to go back, and this year I did just that with some amazing divers joining me for the adventure

Some of the Scuba Divers Yonaguni

Now, we always go in Winter, WHY??? Are you CRAZY, it must be freezing you say…Look at it this way, it would be like someone not diving in NQ in our Winter because it is snowing in VIC highlands. Get it!

By the end of the trip we were diving in our boardies like we do everywhere else on the planet, you just need a good jacket on board to put on when you get out of the water as the wind chill can get a little cold.

Back to why we travel there in Winter, it is because they have schooling hammerheads there at that time of the year. All females having babies! No one knows where they come from and no one knows where they go, the best time to dive there to maximise your chances of seeing them is November through February, not to say you won’t see them outside of these times, I know people who have dived there in October and seen them, it is just the premium time to see them. People will always tell you that you need to dive REALLY deep to see Hammerheads, I am hear to tell you that is just not true in Yonaguni, they will even come up to you on safety stops. Pretty cool heh? We were lucky to dive with HUNDREDS of them!




Yonaguni is pretty unique, not only does it have loads of Hammers, it also has sunken underwater ruins you can dive on, oohhhhhh. These are magical monuments that can also easily be snorkeled. The water is crystal clear, did I mention that? So snorkelers and divers can see fo eva. Snorkeling is great in Yonaguni, especially if you have sunny days, so non divers are catered for too. Check these out! Wonderful experience for Free Divers too. Imagine swimming with Hammerheads and Underwater monuments on breath hold? I can Imagine,that is all though, I like SCUBA!gopr6233gopr0138


The diving around Yonaguni is Pristine, beautiful Corals and fabulous swim throughs. Whalesharks pass through Yonaguni January to June (YES THEY DO). They even have there own horses that live only on the island called, you got it, Yonaguni Ponies. And they seem to be very happy roaming around the Island doing whatever they want.whalesharks-yonagunigopr6304-001swin-throughs-yonaguni

Food is Good, okay, maybe a little too much seaweed on some days for my western taste buds, they do have some fantastic restaurants on the Island, you need to book ahead, like a day or two ahead, you can also organise meal packages at a very reasonable price AND you can organise meal packages with a couple of nights out at restaurants, they will book for you.

Would I go back again? Hell yeah! Again and again and again. Check out that swim through ><)))*>