Before we take people diving at the Seaway loads of them ask, “Is there anything to see in there”, Of course there is!

Marine Biologist’s don’t call it a “Marine Super Highway” because nothing lives there. They call it that because at last count there was over 460 species of marine life living there, everything from Eagle Rays, Giant grouper, schools of Trevally and Barracudda, Jewies, GT’s, Tusk fish, parrot fish, I’ve even dived with Whales and Dugong in there, not everyday, but I have. On the other end of the scale you will find seahorses, angler fish, heaps of nudi’s , leaf scorpian fish, robust ghost pipe fish, ornate ghost pipe fish, phew, SO MANY FISHES!! and TURTLES!

Like any dive site, one day the vis is great, next day not so great, so if you have done a couple of dives there and not been impressed don’t give up, keep on jumping in, it is tidal though so make sure you are jumping in at the right time. Any dive site can have a bad vis day, don’t write it off as a bad site because of that, if the vis is down look for the small stuff like the seahorses and striated angler fish, nudibranch and leaf fish.

Just get wet! The more you dive it, the better you get to know it and soon enough you will be finding all the cool stuff down there.



Some of the great marine life along the South wall of the Gold Coast Seaway