Christmas Island is one Very Special Place. Apart from being host to the red crabs and the largest Land crabs in the world, the Robber Crab, the life under the ocean that surrounds Christmas Island is spectacular! While not a lot of people you know would of heard about Christmas Island, if you are a serious diver, it would definately be on your Radar.


I get to travel far and wide as a diving Professional, Christmas Island would have to be home to some of the most pristine Corals I have dived on, in the world.

As you slip into the 33 degree water(at least it was when we were there) that surround Christmas Island and get your first look at the underwater world, you know you are in for some primo dives.

Undulating fields of Plate corals free of any algae or bleaching, walls, dropping away into the abyss, covered in fans and all manners of fishes being patrolled by grey reef sharks, herds of Surgeon fish grazing, ribbon eels hiding amongst the rocks, Barracuda  gliding in to sit above a cleaning station and get their teeth cleaned, you never know what you will see on the next dive, each one a delight to every sense, all while being caressed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Whale Sharks and Red Crabs

During Summer, it is host to the famous Whale Shark, the largest Shark in the ocean, these gentle creatures visit the area to feed during the wet season. This is also the time of year that the red crabs migrate and release their eggs into the ocean, an event that makes the trip to Christmas Island worthwhile on it’s own.

Christmas Island will steal a piece of your heart, guaranteed,I have been twice now and both times were not only spectacular but very different , with over 40 dive sites to explore, including  cave dives with “exit and explore” options, there is something for every diver. Whether you are into pelagics or sea spiders you need a looking glass to see, you will find them diving on Christmas Island.

Wall Diving Christmas Island

The Dive operators are sensational, safety conscious and accommodating, Hama and Lynie will make sure you have a fantastic time during the dives and on your surface interval, usually spent snorkeling with whatever comes along, giant trevally, reef sharks, dolphins, whale sharks, you just never know what will come in for a look.

This is one of those magical destinations that you could easily trip off to every year. And THAT is exactly what we will be doing, 2015 is already on the drawing board.