We designed these for scuba diving and anti-wind chill.

You can see the seal around the face is neoprene, for the nice firm seal to prevent water ingress. The rest of the hood is trilaminate that is easy to put on and take off.

You’ll also note the beard on the hood is quite low. It sits under thewetsuit, designed to tuck in and seal within the neck so that it prevents water ingress when scuba diving. You can wear it to keep warm in colder temps because of the membrane in the trilaminate, cutting wind chill.

One of the biggest features is the membrane because it blocks out wind even when you’re wet.
Some customers use it for fishing on the jettiesbecause of the anti-wind chill factor. What we offer is an affordable layering garment that eliminates that wind chill.
In a rough winter with wind and rain you can wear the hood and get out of the wind.

A lot of time and energy has been put into the cut and fit, as much as anything else, if not more. We put a lot of effort into the seams so that they don’t rub, under the arm. Previous garments have had rub spots under the arm and other places. We spent countless hours getting those little things right so that they have the ultimate comfort.

Detail is another areas we spent a lot of time and effort. The little waist adjustment pulls really help the functionality of the garment.


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